Romania's candidacy for UN Security Council non-permanent member mandate, officially launched

​The official launching of the promotion campaign for Romania's candidacy for a UN Security Council non-permanent mandate in the period 2020-2021 took place on Friday, in the presence of Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister Teodor Melescanu.

The event was carried out at the UN headquarters and enjoyed the attendance of a great number of members of the diplomatic corps representing all geographic groups of the Organization, as well as high officials of the forum's leadership, with the ceremony having marked a significant moment for Romania in terms of a "sustainable commitment for Peace, Justice and Development," the slogan under which Romania's promotion campaign will be conducted.

According to a press release the Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) sent to AGERPRES on Saturday, Minister Teodor Melescanu highlighted the special significance of this moment for the Romanian diplomacy, from the perspective of confirming Romania's role as responsible actor of the global community, and showed that, from Romania's stand, holding a new mandate of non-permanent member of the UN Security Council represents a strategic commitment and an objective the attainment of which will be pursued by the entire political spectrum. 

During his speech, Melescanu pointed out that, in respect to Romania's candidacy to the main global forum with responsibilities in the international peacekeeping and security area, this reflects the country's commitment to promoting the UN Charter principles and values, as well as the acknowledgement of Romania's contribution as non-permanent member of the Security Council over four previous mandates, the MAE reveals. 

"We are living in a complex, volatile world, where we are faced with new and varied challenges which we must deal with each day. The need for a sturdy organisation, such as the UN, representing a guarantor of peace and a platform for finding the most appropriate solutions is greater than ever. I am voicing my conviction that the UN will continue to identify the most efficient instruments to respond to global challenges. Romania will bring its own contribution to the common efforts, on a UN level, and will share in the collective responsibility in solving international crises, including from the perspective of holding a mandate of non-permanent member in the UN's Security Council," the Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister is quoted in the release as saying. 

Minister Teodor Melescanu concluded on Friday the series of meetings in New York with the meeting with the Pacific Small Islands Developing States representatives, during which it was agreed to thrust the bilateral relations with the countries of this region and explore the modalities to improve cooperation on areas such as education, healthcare, renewable energy and tourism, climate changes, through renewed political contacts, of business delegations, and appointing non-resident heads of missions to these states. 

The representatives of the Pacific Small Islands Developing States group appreciated Romania's availability to collaborate with them and with other international partners in respect to the serious implications of security on climate changes and to attenuate the negative effects of this phenomenon on endangered communities, MAE points out. 

Moreover, the Romanian chief diplomat participated in the event devoted to the election of the five new members of the UN Security Council (the 2018 - 2019 mandate) - The Ivory Coast, Equatorial Guinea, Kuwait, the Netherlands (which shares the mandate with Italy), Peru and Poland.

According to the Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry, Minister Melescanu's visit to New York, in the period 31 May - 3 June, represented a sustained diplomatic effort for raising the awareness of the UN member states on Romania's candidacy, thus offering the opportunity to present the main ideas, proposals, projects that Romania plans to promote both during the campaign and during its mandate in the Security Council. 

"The reactions registered during the visit, alongside the interest voiced by speakers in continuing dialogue and cooperation with Romania on the topics included on the UN agenda, as well as on a bilateral level, have reconfirmed the wide appreciation that Romania enjoys on an international level, through the perspective of the significant contribution to promoting the UN's agenda of peace, security and prosperity," MAE underscores

Source: Romanian National News Agency AGERPRES


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