Birchall: Child abuse - one of the most widespread violations of human rights

Child abuse is one of the most widespread violations of human rights all over the world, and also one of the facts the rarest ever sanctioned although it is a threat to the concordant development in a society, on Thursday said the Minister Delegate for European Affairs, Ana Birchall.

Birchall was present at the Victoria governmental Palace at the launching event in Romania of the global Partnership 'Stop Child Abuse."

"Child abuse creates huge costs for its communities, for the nation and for the entire society. The child abuse is directly reflected upon the education, upon the school results, upon the efficiency and capacity of adaptability in society. Young age abuse creates traumas that will pursue the child the long of his entire life. Specialty studies say that the subjects of the abuse of any kind either become victims of the society or turn into aggressors, in their turn," the minister asserted.

She said that although physical punishments and humiliating treatments against children are forbidden by law, many cases of child abuse take place behind closed doors and are never unveiled, and the authorities cannot take measures.

"In Romania at least one out of ten children is the victim of some kind of abuse. The long of the years, the number of the cases reported grew worryingly with about 12,000 cases of abuse, neglects or exploitation recorded," Birchall specified.

The minister also referred to the danger the Internet poses from this viewpoint.

"As a mother of a 16-year teen I'm absolutely worried of what the Internet may display. This doesn't mean that the Internet is not an environment at children's hand, but there must be a protection over there... (...) Let's try to include even into the school curricula, certain cyber security protection elements," said Ana Birchall.

Source: Romanian National News Agency AGERPRES


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