Ana Birchall: Digital Single Market benefits for citizens - multiple, with a considerable impact

​Minister Delegate for European Affairs, Ana Birchall believes that the benefits the Digital Single Market is bringing to the citizens are multiple, among which are the better communication services, smaller delivery prices and a better protection of the online consumers.

"The initiatives in digital environment are a gateway to the future, as they are tightly connected to the capitalisation of important commercial, educational opportunities and implicitly to the improvement of the citizens' lives' quality. Concretely, the benefits the Digital Single Market brings to the citizens are multiple and have a considerable impact: from better telecommunication services, smaller delivery prices and a better protection of the consumers in the online environment, to the data protection's high standards, efficient e-governing services, clearer rules for the cross-border sales, a higher inter-operability for the products' and services' development and a creativity-stimulating environment," on Thursday said Birchall, at the weekly reunion of the Coordination Committee of the National System of European Affairs' Management, according to a release by the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

The talks at the reunion have also aimed at the last evolutions within the European Union's and European Parliament's activity.

Source: Romanian National News Agency AGERPRES

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