M. Constantinescu: Energy Strategy needs to be rapidly completed

​Energy diplomacy depends, first and foremost, on the domestic credibility of the sector, energy senior official with Romania' s Foreign Ministry (MAE) Mihnea Constantinescu said Wednesday, calling for Romania to rapidly complete its national energy strategy.

"Energy diplomacy is not the beauty parlour of the Romanian energy, but it undoubtedly is an instrument for the strategic objectives we want to achieve domestically in relation with the sustainability of Romania's energy sector to be better advanced and brought in line with the EU market's objectives. I believe it is essential from this point of view to say that energy diplomacy depends, first and foremost, on the domestic credibility of the energy sector," Constantinescu told a conference on EU's energy security and Romania's contribution to the Energy Union held by the European Institute in Romania.

Constantinescu went on to say that the domestic credibility of the energy sector is buttressed by at least three pillars.

"First of all by institutional capacity that is professional and competent, and I believe this is where we still have a lot to invest," he explained.

Constantinescu added that the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) is not the only institution that should play the part of an important player in relationship with the decision making process or the conceiving of a development vision for Romania's energy sector.

He added that a second essential matter is stability and predictability of the legislative framework in the energy area.

He underscored the importance of stability and predictability of the legislative framework overall, adding that this is how investors can be drawn in and the business community gains trust.

Constantinescu said the third pillar supporting domestic credibility of the energy sector is "clarity of objectives." "Unfortunately, nobody has insisted here today on the need for completing the national energy strategy as soon as possible.(...) Without a clear aim for our agenda in the next decade, our agenda in relation with the objectives of the EU, because we are talking today about the EU's Energy Union, we will be hard pressed to project externally credibility in the domestic energy sector," said Constantinescu.

In his opinion, energy market players should not be excluded from public energy diplomacy.

"They can undoubtedly contribute thanks to their projects to how to make a commitment to important regional projects. (...) After all, without them and without consulting them and asking them for their support for our big regional or European visions I believe sustainability of such visions will not be achieved," Constantinescu explained.

Source: Romanian National News Agency AGERPRES


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