Melescanu: This day finds us pretty blunt in domestic policy

​The Foreign Affairs Minister, Teodor Melescanu on Tuesday said in Ploiesti that the day of 24th of January finds us "pretty blunt" as regards the domestic policy, expressing hope that internationally we'll stay "coherent and predictable."

"Today finds us pretty blunt in our domestic policy, in fact. I hope that at least in what regards the foreign policy, we'll remain coherent and predictable, internationally," said Melescanu, who participated in the events dedicated to the Union of Romanian Principalities Day.

At the same time, the diplomacy's head said that the Little Union represented the signal that, when getting united, Romanians are capable of "extraordinary" things.

"From the foreign policy's viewpoint, the Union means to me the setting up of the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the embassies of Romania abroad, the fathering of the Parliament consisting of Senate and Chamber of Deputies, it means the creation of the Romanian Army. Even the Court of Accounts was then established, too. So, the Little Union was in fact the ground zero element the Great Union based upon from most of the institutions point of view, and especially, it was a very good signal. It was the signal that, when Romanians do come together and unite themselves, could do extraordinary things, as it happened in history. We should learn the necessary lessons," added Melescanu.

The Foreign Affairs Minister participated alongside the Minister for the Relation with Parliament, Gratiela Gavrilescu, deputies, local and county officials in the events organised at the County Museum of History and Archaeology Prahova on the 24 January.

Source: Romanian National News Agency AGERPRES


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