Foreign Affairs' Ana Birchall attends informal GAC reunion in Malta

Minister Delegate for European Affairs with the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE), Ana Birchall participated in 23-24 January in the informal reunion of he General Affairs Council (GAC) in La Valletta, Malta, on the sidelines of the Maltese Chairmanship of the Council of European Union, a release sent to AGERPRES on Tuesday reads.

Minister Delegate Ana Birchall expressed during the reunion the support for the furthering of the major interest files, for Romania included, such as: the management of the migrant situation, the strengthening of the Union's internal security, the deepening of the internal market, with an accent on the Energy Union and the Digital Single Market, as well as on the neighbourhood and enlargement policy.

On the EU's future, the Romanian official hailed the importance given to the commitment for a joint future and talked of the necessity of a unitary, coherent, principled and joint approach, in the management of the current challenges on the EU's internal, external agenda so that the continuation of the European project and the strengthening of the EU profile to be globally assured.

The long of the reunion, Minister Delegate Birchall advocated the importance of an efficient communication - integrated, positive and coherent - in connection with Europe, more adjusted to the local realities and easier to understand by the European public, in the spirit if the EU values and principles.

During talks, Ana Birchall highlighted that the Eastern Partnership needs a clearer political orientation, beyond the technical aspect noticeable so far.

The Minister Delegate for European Affairs has had on the sidelines of the GAC several meetings on current European topics, with the European Commission's Vice President, Frans Timmermans, as well as with a lot of counterparts of the other Member States: Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Slovakia, Finland, Croatia, Luxembourg and Sweden, and with representatives of the Maltese Chairmanship of the Council, where the Romanian official stressed on the aspects of priority interest to Romania in the next period on the European agenda, included from the outlook of the preparations to assuming the CoE Chairmanship in first half of 2019, the MAE release says.

Source: Romanian National News Agency AGERPRES


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