Romanian diplomacy celebrates yearly the principles that made Romanian Principalities' Union possible

The Romanian diplomacy every year celebrates with gratitude the unity of thought and sentiment, the national spirit, the manifest dedication in the service of creation and consolidation of a strong state, internationally recognised, principles that made possible the union of the Romanian Principalities through the double election of ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza in Moldova and Wallachia, a message sent by the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) reads on the occasion of the Union Day.

MAE adds in the release sent to AGERPRES on Tuesday that we celebrate 158 years since the Union of the Romanian Principalities, "a reference moment of the national history, the plunge to fathering the Romanian unitary national state."

"The sustained European path of the Romanian nation to getting independence and carrying out the Romanian unitary national modern state has led Romania to its today's status, of recognised, appreciated partner within the European Union and NATO, of regional, European stability pillar. The achievement of these ideals has started with the Little Union, a moment of absolute greatness, through the deep changes it has determined and the symbolic value it holds in the souls of Romanians," the release says.

The taking over of the rotating Presidency of the Council of Europe in January 2019, in the context of the 160th anniversary of the Union of Romanian Principalities "puts in harmony the current action and the great achievements of the Romanians history, by keeping alive this spirit of unity to accomplishing the national ideals," the quoted source concludes.

Source: Romanian National News Agency AGERPRES


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