MAE and ANI among winners of International Solidarity Gala

​The Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE), the National Integrity Agency (ANI) and the Expert Forum Association are among the winners of the International Solidarity Gala's second edition, which was held on Wednesday in the Aula of the "Carol I" Central University Library.

"The event this evening celebrates Romania's activity in the area of cooperation for international development, education and public awareness regarding this area. We have awarded the most important supporters and promoters of international solidarity from the civil society, academic environment, mass-media and the public sector of Romania. Quite little is known about the fact that Romania grants support to other states. Our perception is that we are the country which receives support for development and alignment to international standards. Which is true. However, only a few know that we support communities form other countries. This evening is about the ones that brought Romania closer to the entire world," Programme Director with the Civil Society Development Foundation Iuliana Rada stated.

The event was organized by the Civil Society Development Foundation (FDSC) and the Non-Governmental Development Organizations (FOND), with the help of the MAE and the United Nations Development Programme - Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (UNDP). 

In the public institutions category the award went to the ANI for "the effort made in supporting partner institutions in countries such as Libya, Tunisia, Botswana, China, Yemen, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine," because Romania has become an important donor of expertise in the anticorruption and integrity area, the ANI being one of the RoAid's basic institutions, recognized on an international level.

"Eight years ago when we were carrying out the first employments and purchasing computer technology or paper for printing, it didn't cross our mind that the ANI, a truly administrative institution from Eastern Europe, with less than 90 employees at that time can become an example of good practices or even a standard for other countries," Secretary General with the institution Silviu Popa stated through a video message sent to the ones attending the event.

From the civil society, the special prize was awarded to the Foreign Affairs Ministry in order to validate the support that the civil society wants and can offer for the development of the RoAid programme.

"The MAE wants to strengthen the collaboration with civil society, with the private and academic environment, to carry out programms in the area of cooperation for development in a coherent and efficient manner, and last but not least the MAE wants to promote transparency and responsibility in managing public funding. Therefore, an international cooperation agency will be established for a responsible development of the public policies in this area,' Foreign Affairs Minister Lazar Comanescu stated, in a message which was delivered to the audience by Director General with the MAE Anton Pacuretu.

The special award for initiatives in the Republic of Moldova was awarded to the Expert Forum Association which carried out in 2016 several initiatives in the Republic of Moldova.

Another award was given by the organizers for the category active NGOs in the development cooperation area to FDP Association - Protagonists in education, which, since 2013, have been implementing cooperation projects for development in Palestine, funded by the MAE through the RoAid programme.

In the category of active NGOs in education and public awareness area, the award went to the Assistance and Programs for Sustainable Development Association - Agenda 21.

For the academic environment the prize was awarded to the African Study Center of the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca.

The award for journalists went to Ioana Moldovan, however this year no prize for press institutions was awarded.

Moreover, volunteers Oana Mindru, Alina Petcu and Ionut Ursu, who mobilized and helped the Syrian refugees from the refugee camps in Greece were rewarded with a diploma.   

Professor Paula Mihai form the "I. B. Soter" Sports Programme Highschool in Buzau was this year's awarded teacher.

Source: Romanian National News Agency AGERPRES


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