417 polling stations organized abroad for Romanians in diaspora

Romanians in the diaspora who have not cast their ballots via mail are expected to the polls, on Sunday, in the parliamentary elections, in the 417 polling stations organized abroad.

The electoral process has debuted abroad on Saturday, at 20,00 (EET), for the Romanians in New Zealand and Australia, and will conclude on Monday at 6,00 (EET), with the votes of those on the eastern coast of North America.

A number of eight political formations have submitted candidate lists for the diaspora in the parliamentary elections, and a total of 79 persons are running to represent the Romanians abroad. Electoral circumscription no. 43, the one for Romanian citizens abroad will elect 2 senators and 4 deputies.

The 417 polling stations for the legislative elections on Sunday are organized in over 90 countries, being 111 more than in the parliamentary elections of 2012 and 123 more than in the presidential elections of 2014.

Romanian citizens that have residence in Romania but have enrolled in the electoral register as living abroad can exercise their vote at the polling stations abroad on the basis of one of the following ID papers, valid on the date of the vote, together with an official document issued by the foreign state regarding their residence: ID card; electronic ID card; provisional ID card; diplomatic passport, electronic diplomatic passport, service passport, electronic service passport; simple passport, simple electronic passport; simple temporary passport.

Romanian citizens enrolled in the electoral register with their residence address abroad can exercise their vote at the polling stations abroad with one of the following valid forms of identification: simple passport bearing the mention of their residence abroad, simple temporary passport bearing the mention of their residence abroad, simple electronic passport bearing the mention of their residence abroad.

The additional electoral lists used in polling stations abroad can be used by persons that prove they have their residence abroad and who are not enrolled in the permanent electoral lists of polling stations abroad; the personnel of diplomatic and consular missions abroad as well as those of cultural institutes abroad; the members of electoral bureaus of polling stations and computer operators in polling stations abroad, if they reside abroad; as well as candidates, if they run in the foreign electoral circumscription.

Romanian servicemen, policemen and civilian personnel in institutions pertaining to the defence, public order and national safety sectors sent on mission in operations theaters abroad can exercise their right to vote in any polling station established in the country where they are conducting their mission. They will be included on the additional electoral list and will vote on the basis of their service passport

A novelty of this electoral process is represented by the possibility for Romanian citizens abroad to vote by correspondence.

The Romanians in the diaspora had the possibility to register in the electoral register until September 14 and had the possibility to opt to exercise their vote by mail, or to request the establishment of a polling station in their place of residence.

A number of 4,561 Romanians in the diaspora voted by correspondence, of a total of 8,889 Romanian citizens registered in the electoral register abroad.

Source: Romanian National News Agency AGERPRES


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