Contacting the Embassy of Romania

Address: Str. Bucharest 66 / 1, Chisinau, Cod 277012
Phone: +373 22 211 813; +373 22 213 037

No consular information is provided on this telephone number.

Fax: +373 22 228 129
E-mail: chisinau@mae.ro
Website: http://chisinau.mae.ro/


Consular Section

Address: Str. Grigore Ureche, nr.2, Chişinău
Phone (consular information for Romanian citizens): +373 22 260 737; +373 22 260 747
Fax: +373 22 260 740
E-mail call-center: contact@informatiiconsulare.ro

WEB Call Center: http://www.informatiiconsulare.ro


Email for visa applications (foreign citizens): chisinau.vize@mae.ro

Schedule: Monday to Friday, 08: 00-16: 00. For details, go to the Program page.

Regarding foreign citizens, that request visa services, we advise to send the inquires to the e-mail address: chisinau.vize@mae.ro or at the webpage: http://www.eviza.ro


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