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Official visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Titus Corlăţean

Foreign Minister Titus Corlăţean was Thursday, September 13, 2012, in Chisinau, political consultations Leanca, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration at the first official visit he made in the Republic of Moldova taking office.

The visit included receptions at the head of the Romanian diplomacy Moldovan President Nicholas Timofti, and Prime Minister Vlad Filat met with Marian Lupu, Speaker Valeriu Lazar, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Ghimpu Liberal Party leader.

During the meeting Leanca working with two officials made a comprehensive review of bilateral relations in political developments and economic, as well as Moldova's progress in relation to the European Union.

Foreign Minister welcomed the excellent level of dialogue between Bucharest and Chisinau and stressed interest Romanian side to complete projects interconnection of gas and electricity in Romania and Moldova in due time, in July, by awarding Victor Ponta and Vlad Filat. The two officials agreed working meeting energy to discuss technical aspects of these projects and further cooperation between the two ministries for realization of other objectives common interest. In this context, issues have been addressed in Moldova implementation of the system of emergency medical care SMURD, project menus including EU funding.

Romanian diplomat reiterated Romania's support for Moldova's European aspirations and advanced his counterpart proposed takeover of Romanian experience success in the proximity of the European Union. Also emphasized Romanian authorities are to provide useful expertise Moldova's EU negotiations on free trade and visa.

 "We have a strategic partnership which includes the Moldova's European and promotion. We further action in relation to European partners to provide the necessary support to achieve these objectives, "said Minister Titus Corlăţean the joint press conference with Leanca.

Political consultations entailed also exchanged views on Transdniester, focusing on prospects negotiations process "5 +2". Romanian Minister expressed the hope that there will be positive developments over the period ahead, reaffirming Romania's support for Chisinau's position in this case.

At the end of the meeting, the two Foreign Ministers signed the Agreement on cooperation in the field of health ministerial and consular protection document to facilitate consular assistance granted to Romania Moldovan citizens. Under this agreement, the Romanian Embassy in Damascus will provide assistance to citizens of Moldova are based in Syria, where Chisinau State has no diplomatic mission.

"There is an important Romanian community in Syria and we have the obligation to provide support in the context of highly sensitive developments there," said Titus Corlăţean, adding that Romania's mission in Damascus and assist citizens of other EU Member States.

Minister Leanca thanked for their support of the Republic of Moldova Romania European course and appreciated the importance of signing the Agreement on cooperation in the field of health ministerial and consular protection, document emphasizes "very good opening and interacting with colleagues in Bucharest".

Agenda of the meeting with Foreign Minister Vlad Filat, Prime Minister of Moldova, was devoted mainly sectoral bilateral cooperation, focusing on energy interconnection projects and infrastructure. It was confirmed the interest of both parties for pipeline construction Iasi Ungheni, and to develop new projects. Titus Corlăţean Minister reiterated the full support of the Government of Romania to the European integration of Moldova and stressed that Romania is willing to provide the necessary assistance to achieve this strategic objective. Also, the Romanian official assured that Romania has available to support the development of the education system in Moldova.

"We will soon organize a meeting between the Ministers of Education in Bucharest and Chisinau. One aspect of improving the conditions of education could be teacher mobility of Romanian universities in Moldova ", said the Romanian chief diplomat.

Economic cooperation was discussed during the meeting with Valeriu Lazar, Minister of Economy, who informed the Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs in Chisinau that experts have completed the technical design of pipeline Ungheni Iasi, followed in November and December to be announced international tender for the company that will perform construction work. Titus Corlăţean assured that promote economic projects, especially energy, is a priority for cooperation between the two countries, expressing interest Romanian companies to increase their market presence in Moldova.

Another topic discussed was Minister Valeriu Lazar Moldovan-American Investment Forum, an event that will take place on November 8 in Chisinau, with the participation of the Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce.

At the reception the President Nicolae Timofti Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs sent a strong message of support for the reform process, democratic path and stability of the Republic of Moldova, and stressed the need for continued efforts to close Chisinau European Union. Titus Corlăţean Minister pointed out that currently, Romania's efforts to support Moldova's European course are already thinking in a logical pre-accession.

Topics discussed during the meeting with Parliament Speaker Marian Lupu, were referred to Parliament's role in the reform process and training support Moldova's European path, the bilateral legal framework and how to develop it, and the size of inter-parliamentary cooperation between Bucharest and Chisinau.

During the meeting with President of the Liberal Party, Ghimpu was discussed the overall situation in Moldova, with a focus on the tasks facing the ruling coalition in Chisinau in the future. In this context, the Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs emphasized that the momentum for modernization of the Moldovan society.

Visit reconfirmed excellent character of bilateral relations, highlighted and intensified political dialogue between Bucharest and Chisinau, and created the conditions for accelerated implementation in practice specific arrangements agreed high-level imperative subsumed in Moldova closer connection to Europe.

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