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Speech of the Ambassador of Romania to the Republic of Moldova, E.S. Daniel Ioniţă, on the occasion of the reception organized in the context of the National Day of Romania

Your Excellencies,

Dear Guests and Friends,


It is a particular pleasure for me to celebrate together with you the National Day of Romania. Thank you for accepting our invitation.

December, the 1st is the most heartfelt celebration of all Romanians. It represents the moment when the ideal for freedom, unity and national dignity was accomplished. It is the anniversary of the Great Union and 99 years have passed since then.

This year is full of historical significance. On the 21st of November we celebrated together 100 years since the foundation of Sfatul Țării, the body which democratically voted for the return of Bessarabia to the Mother Country on the 27th of March 1918. This year Romania celebrated as well 10 years since becoming a member of the European Union.

The 1st of December is the moment when we look back with gratitude to the past and we look with hope towards the future. In such a crucial day we should remember all those who contributed and thus made possible this great event of the entire Romanian people either by sacrificing their own lives or by their untainted aspiration and diligent work:

-              The Romanian soldiers who died on the battlefields in the First World War;

-              The political personalities and the diplomats who dedicated their entire activities to this noble purpose;

-              The illustrious personalities of the Romanian culture, but particularly

-              The simple people – Romanians living in all historical provinces: Walachia, Moldavia, Transylvania, Banat, Bihor, Maramures, Dobrogea or aromanian population – who had always believed in our ideal of national unity.

Renowned personalities such as King Ferdinand, Iuliu Maniu, Ion Brătianu, Nicolae Iorga, Pantelimon Halippa or Onisifor Ghibu must remain indisputable figures of the Romanians’ attachment towards the values of freedom, patriotism, social equity, mutual respect and tolerance.

This year we celebrate together the National Day of Romania one year before the Centenary of the Great Union – a historical moment of the highest importance – which consecrated Romania’s role as promoter of peace, justice and development.

These 99 years of modern Romania have made us face the challenges of history: the Second World War, the Stalinist dictatorship and the terrible Ceausescu’s regime. At the same time, we had the enormous chance to regain our freedom – one more time human sacrifice was needed - in December 1989 and to enjoy democracy, the respect for human rights and prosperity.

Dear guests,

Now, after 99 years since the Great Union, we can speak confidently and proudly about Romania, a country who is active on the international arena, a EU and NATO member, that is profoundly anchored into the realities of the 21st century and has the capacity to convey trust and grant stability in its geographical region which includes the Republic of Moldova as well.

Moreover, these ten years of EU membership represented for Romania a great period of transformation and social-economical development, of upgrading the life quality of the Romanian citizens, and of benefiting from the integration into the European Single Market. The benefits of our EU membership are obvious.

Here there are some clear examples of the viability of the European development model: this year Romania will register one of the highest rates of economic growth among EU member states, at about 7%. During the last decade, Romania’s economy grew with 75%, and foreign investments doubled. Politically, during this period Romania was amongst the most active promoters of the keeping and strengthening of the European integration process and contributed tirelessly and with no reserve to the European cause of the Republic of Moldova.

Dear friends,

In such festive moments we should briefly refer to the current status and perspectives of the bilateral relations between Romania and Republic of Moldova.

It is an undeniable reality that the relations between Romania and the Republic of Moldova are special: alongside with our privileged Strategic Partnership, the common language, history and traditions represent the enduring link of the permanent support that we give to the Republic of Moldova on its European path.

Our relations have an out of the ordinary dynamic, they permanently develop and diversify. There is no single field, either political, economical cultural or social one, where we are not able to give positive examples of success and good practices. I will not enumerate them all because there is not enough time. I will only underline briefly what I think it is worth mentioning in these festive circumstances:

  • The bilateral meetings of the Prime–Minister Pavel Filip with the President of Romania, Klaus Werner Iohannis in the margins of multilateral reunions
  • The common Cabinet meeting of the two Governments (Piatra Neamț, March 2017)
  • The visit of the Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, Andrian Candu, to Bucharest (28th of September)
  • The reunion of the Intergovernmental Commission for European Integration (Chișinău, May 2017)
  • The meetings of the mixed Commission for Economical Cooperation in Bucharest, October 2017
  • The second edition of the bilateral Forum in the field of Justice (Bucharest, 23rd -24th  November 2017)
  • The Reunion of the mixed Commission for European Integration between the Parliaments of Romania and Republic of Moldova, in Chișinău and in Bucharest (October and November 2017)
  • Countless meetings at line ministries and local level and many more

In the economic filed, Romania remains the main commercial partner of the Republic of Moldova, maybe as a result of the implementation of the EU Association Agreement with the Republic of Moldova and particularly of its DCFTA component.

Our bilateral commercial exchanges exceeded 1.3 billion US dollars annualy. The Romanian investments are increasingly numerous, as well as our investment intentions, which sometimes can be put into practice.

This year we continued to offer development assistance to the Republic of Moldova, consisting of: the renovation programme for the nursery schools, the donation of 96 buses destined to school transport, the 5000 scholarships granted to pupils and students, the completion of the renovation works of the departments within the Institute for Mother and Child, or other patrimony buildings important for Chisinau (the National Museum of Art and the Organ Hall).

The military staff of the Republic of Moldova were highly praised today when they marched during the military parade organized in Bucharest to celebrate our National Day. Furthermore, we are also glad that the involvement of the military forces of the Republic of Moldova in common courses and exercises contributed directly to the increase of the professionalism of the National Army and we will continue to develop the bilateral cooperation in this field.

I would like to underline the numerous training visits to Romania and the bilateral meetings of the experts and officials in the field of internal affairs.

At the same time, I also would like to mention the bilateral efforts and the good cooperation within the Common Operational Programme between Romania and the Republic of Moldova, between 2014 - 2020, in order to complete three major infrastructure projects, one of these being the extension of the emergency intervention unit SMURD on the entire territory of the Republic of Moldova.

These are not just words, but the basic reality: these are only a few examples of the many activities that are supported by the Romanian tax-payer in the interest of all citizens of the Republic of Moldova, no matter their ethnic background, religion, spoken language or the region where they live.

Romania has an unambiguous agenda in the Republic of Moldova and it remains engaged for the future as a strong supporter of the Republic of Moldova towards its European integration.

We wish for our actions to multiply and boost the progresses obtained up to the present, to encourage the development of structural reforms, to contribute to the strengthening of the institutions so that all these could lead to an increased standard of living for each and every citizen of the Republic of Moldova.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Before ending my speech, I would like to express my genuine gratitude to our sponsors who so generously contributed to the success of tonight’s event. These are Alexandrion SA, Agricola Bacău and Sonimpex Topoloveni from Romania, as well as BCR Chisinau, Petrom and Pro TV Chișinău from the Republic of Moldova.

Moreover, I would like to thank the children choir of the Musical College ”Ștefan Neaga” in Chișinău, who will delight us in the following moments with some Romanian carols.

In the end, Happy Birthday, Romania! Happy birthday to all Romanians and to all those who feel Romanian!


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